Woodworking Projects for Women

It’s no surprise that some of the most interesting, skillful and creative woodworkers today are women. While they’ve been extraordinary woodworkers and advocates for handcrafts for many years, more recently women have increased their numbers and visibility in the media and online as enthusiastic amateurs and trained professionals share their shop creations with family and friends and their products with the public.

Women Woodworkers in Today's Marketplace

The market presence for women making shop-built wooden products- both custom one-offs and multiples- is expanding at a rapid pace. Long considered “mens’ work” in the popular imagination, woodworking and wood handcrafts are now province to skilled and often professionally-trained women who are every bit as imaginative and ambitious as their male counterparts in their marketing as well as their making. Numerous websites feature their creations, and co-ops and galleries devoted to women woodworkers are found across the country.

Check out the Women in Woodworking website.

Woodworking isn't just for Dads and Grandpas

Our daughter built her first project in my shop when she was around five years old. She teaches kids in a classroom now and I still treasure that first little crooked, gluey creation she made all by herself from scraps she put together. Children, teenagers, women of any age find fascination in the woodshop and bring a fresh enthusiasm and experience to this ancient craft. It’s been my great pleasure to introduce girls and boys alike to the joys of imagining- then building- from wood in my Playful Plans workshop.

Woodworking Plans Women Love

Here are suggestions for finding woodworking plans that women will enjoy!

My Playful Plans website offers dozens of colorful plans for kids’ playthings. An ideal project for women with basic shop skills is my Veggie Girl project. These woodworking plans are easy to follow, colorful, and fun.

Quebec’s Eugenie Giasson markets her traditional woodworking plans on Sawtooth Ideas.

Alaska’s Ana White is another woodworker sharing project plans online. Ana’s website has been featured in Slate Magazine and her plans vary from basic to advanced skill levels.

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