How to Use Wooden Toy Plans

The Process of Making Heirloom Toys wooden toy plans

My wooden toy plans begin as concepts, based on my interest in classic toys from the past. Each concept is tested with modeling in an editing program for suitability as a shop project for builders. While developing a toy plan I ask myself: will this be a unique addition to the market? Is it play-friendly, age-appropriate and safe for kids? My time is divided between the workbench, camera and computer as I build the project, shoot the photos and write my wooden toy plans. I review every process, word and image: what can be clarified for the builder? Thoughtful organization and a user-friendly presentation cannot be overemphasized. I convert the finished plan to a .pdf document under 3MB for advertising online and upload a short video for action toys.

The Origins of Toy Plans by Playful Plans?

My wooden toy plans are inspired by my extensive vintage toys collection, my research into vintage toys (their visual appeal, materials and mechanisms) and exploring the culture- the "play history-” of toys. My plans are never copied from earlier playthings; the fantastic variety and amazing mechanisms of classic toys get my imagination going, and I’m off and running. The wooden toy plans incorporate many influences, from ancient playthings to 19th-century mechanical toys to the modern educational-type toys of the past century. Whatever the inspiration, I always keep a careful eye on creating something truly new and playful for kids.

How Easy to Use are the Plans? wooden toy plans

My plans are designed to make your time in the workshop as effortless, safe and enjoyable as possible! My wooden toy plans do vary as to degree of difficulty from basic to advanced. Every Playful Plan includes my introduction, inspiration, parts overview, scaled patterns, cut list, project dimensions, hardware & supplies, suggested tools, and step-by-step instructions with photos, all designed to . Also included with every plans is my helpful article Transferring Illustrations to your Stock. Whatever your skill level and tool collection, you’ll find wooden toy plans from Playful Plans that you’ll enjoy building and sharing with youngsters.

If I Am New to Building Toys How Can I Best Use Toy Plans?

Look at my wooden toy plans on the Find Plans page on my website. Download and print a copy of a plan that seems right for you, based on your level of experience and your tools; begin with a plan that you are confident you can build, them move on to another that is more challenging. A simple, easy-to-build plan I offer is my Ramblin' Rabbit, a wheeled pull toy featuring a comical wooden bunny with jointed arms, legs and ears- and a pair of carrots for the road! One of my medium-difficulty plans is Rope Walker, a balancing acrobat who performs his high-wire act above an admiring audience. A more difficult wooden toy plan is my Cozy Cottage, a full-scale heirloom timber playhouse offering lots of charm and challenging details for woodworkers with advanced skills.

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