Nostalgic, Handmade Wooden Pull Toys

Pull Toys are a Piece of the Past

We were all young once! In every generation, as we grow older there is a longing to pass on to young people the pleasure and excitement of those experiences  that meant so much to us when we were in our own childhood.

Fads come and go, but handmade toys have been cherished gifts for thousands of years creating bonds between makers and children that link us to generations past, present and future. In my family I still have a handmade marble game made fifty years ago that was given to me when I was a child… and children love it! At Playful Plans you will discover woodworking plans for wooden toys that will last for generations in your own family, too.

Children around the World

Traditional wooden toys for children developed in isolated cultures around the world for thousands of years. Today a plastic toy may be ordered from (and delivered to) a child anywhere on the planet, but handmade toys crafted by caring hands are the still the “gold standard” for sharing with kids. There is nothing more special for children than the gift of your time and attention creating their very own wooden toys.

Woodworking Plans for Wooden Pull Toys by Playful Plans

Pull toys are some of the most common toys for craftsman to build for young children. The skills required vary from basic to advanced depending on the complexity of the toy. Here are three woodworking plans that can be turned into wonderful wheeled toys by novice woodworkers with minimal experience and basic tools.

Ramblin' Rabbitramblin rabbit pull toy

This woodworking plan for a bunny with two bright orange carrots is a nod to simple playthings from the past. The rabbit’s legs, arms and ears are all adjustable and the carrots can be carried or stowed away on pegs while the Ramblin’ Rabbit is towed along. Complete instructions and scaled layouts for all the parts make this an easy and enjoyable weekend project.

Fred Flounderfred flounder pull toy

A pair of axles mounted “eccentrically” on wheels make Fred bob side-to-side with a swimming motion when pulled along by his string. His comical action is very appealing to kids- and adults enjoy it too! Easily-built with a few tools, Fred Flounder is a perfect plan for novice woodworkers who are learning the craft of fabricating vintage-inspired wooden toys.

Turtle Doveturtle dove pull toy

A turtle rides happily on top of a dove in a unique pull toy that’s all about friendship! Scaled patterns, step-by-step instructions, and materials and tools lists will ensure an enjoyable building experience for any woodworker. Tips are included on painting the Turtle Dove project, including “aging” it to suggest nostalgic playthings from bygone days.

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