Women in Woodworking

In today’s world of woodworking women are some of the most captivating, masterful and inspired woodworkers. In American history women have always been advocates of handcrafts like woodworking, but in recent years the number of women creating as artists has increased, along with their and visibility in the marketplace, media, and online.

woman woodworker

Women are now involved in every aspect of woodworking from custom design to mass production. What was once considered mens’ work is now an industry in which skilled and technically-trained women are imaginative and ambitious in their marketing as well as their craftsmanship.

Here are links to workshop women who inspire us here at Playful Plans with their work:

Cindy Drozda's Woodworking and Sculpture

Cindy Drozda’s turned and freeform wooden sculptures exemplify the union between creative imagination and technical expertise pursued by women woodworkers today. Her dramatic use of color and extremely fine formwork in her pieces sets her apart from many turners, and Drozia has a strong presence not only as a creator but as an inspiring teacher also with a busy schedule of presentations. A Drozia quote from her website: “Our values, emotions, fears, and delights emerge through the work of our hands.” 

Hilary Hale's Wooden Bowls, Plates, and More 

Summercove, Ireland’s Hilary Hale often works with storm-felled local timbers, pieced and rough-turned and left to dry slowly for many months before she “turns” her attention to them once again. Her bowls and plates remind me of David Pye’s “workmanship of risk” in his iconic book The Nature and Art of Workmanship, where every moment at the lathe can spell glory or disaster.

Photo of bowl turned from robinia wood copyright Hilary Hale. 

Judy Threet's Woodworking and Guitar Studio 

Judy Threet builds amazing guitars in her Threet Guitars workshop in Alberta, Canada. Notable for their classic construction, fine material selection and remarkable inlay possibilities, each one is essentially a custom instrument designed around the owner’s preferences. Ebony and rosewood, abalone and pearl are just a few trim and design options available for her Deluxe and Custom lines. A fine example of women in woodworking, enjoy the eye candy on her website and imagine the sonic possibilities, too.