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Author's title included in Highland Woodworking's new Woodworking Tool Kit for Kids

Long-time Atlanta purveyor of fine tools, instructional media and woodworking classes Highland Woodworking has included The All-New Woodworking for Kids by Playful Plan's Kevin McGuire in their just-released tool kit for young people. The kit, designed for ages 7-12,  includes a selection of high-quality kid-sized woodworking tools and two instructional books (the second is Easy Carpentry Projects for Children by Jerome Edward Leavitt).

As Highland's CEO Chris Bagby explained in a December 10th, 2011 press release "This is an opportunity for parents to offer their kids creative challenges that can help build self-esteem as well as hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills... a much better use of their time than playing video games or chatting on the Internet... also a great way for parents to spend quality time interacting with their children, building lasting memories together, and helping the child start a useful hobby that can last a lifetime."

The toolkit is described as having been "... a big hit this [past] Christmas season" and mentions "... the excellent instructional books that detail dozens of easy woodworking projects that kids can complete in a short time." 

Highland Woodworking's website also feature's the author's title in their Books and Woodworking Plans section.