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A free-range discussion of wooden playthings, their design, fabrication, history, and dissemination.

Wonderful Wood 1: Cool station wagon

This vintage station wagon was manufactured in the 60's or 70's by Community Playthings, the venerable Bruderhof business producing superb play and learning toys since the 1950's.

A Plywood Chapel with a Twist

Cruising yard sales, estate sales, flea markets and antique malls (cue the eye-rolling at the word “antique”) for vintage wooden objects can be an exhilarating process.

Graphics and woodworking II

For your enjoyment, chapter and sub-chapter illustrations by Captain John A. Bogart from Woodworking for Everybody by Shea and Wenger  (Copyright 1944 International Textbook Company).


Matchbox toys

Well, not exactly.

A fine set of woodworking tools arrived in the mail today

Blocks and building toys II

Here's a wonderful vintage block wagon from the '30's or '40's.

It was never meant to be (or used as) a pull toy... just a rolling two-layer forty-piece wonder.

The twenty blocks on the top layer flip between horse and cow figures. OK, I messed up the cow's block legs, making her a circus freak... Hey, it's late here on the East Coast

Blocks and building toys

In this first installment of my blocks and building toys series, here's a pair of classic boxed hardwood block sets in a similar style.

One set's pretty old, the other's getting there fast.

The smaller box is a recent acquisition from a dealer in California. The larger set is home-grown right here in North Carolina- more on that later.

Graphics and woodworking

The Playful Plans Blog will explore the design, history, fabrication and sharing of quality children's toys made primarily of wood. With a few detours, of course!

In this inaugural blog for my new website I want to celebrate the connection between graphic plans and the craft of woodworking.

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