Wonderful Wood 2: wiggly critters

Three creatures from my collection: Betty the butterfly, Bill the beetle and Tim the turtle.

I'd like to know these pull toy's provenance, but I don't… any help identifying the manufacturer would be very much appreciated.

The graphics are wonderful- bright and colorful, so each toy screams   "I'm a turtle!" or other out-loud creature shout-out. Their shapes, colors, graphics and action combine to entertain and to encourage big, big smiles. Every part including the hardware is painted.

The toys aren't sophisticated as to fabrication but represent marvels of economy and creative invention in design, materials and mechanical parts.

Bill's rotating wooden sphere in front is a very clever balance when he's on the move. (That nail is a bit hard on my floors though).

Did somebody mention action? The toy's mechanisms are similar but vary to accommodate their different movements.

Bill and Tim use the same action, but Tim, who's larger and has two sets of legs has a pair of opposed drivers while Bill needs only one to wiggle his simpler one-piece set of legs. Both mechanisms use a metal piece twisted mid-section by 90 degrees to transfer the vertical thrust of the wheels to the horizontal movement of the legs.

Betty's wings flop up and down connected to a pair of wheels by matched drivers fastened to the wheels.

These are big toys. Bill measures 10" in length and Tim a whopping 12-1/2".







I believe they are Tick Tock toys. There were a lot of knockoffs on these popular toys but these look quite authentic. RM