The Process of Making New Wooden Toy Plans

Step 1: Brainstorming Ideas for New Toy Plans

My wooden toy plans are inspired by (never copied from) my own vintage toys collection, my research into vintage toys (their materials and mechanisms) and exploring the culture (the "play history") of toys. I ask myself: will this be a unique and fresh addition to the market? Is it age-appropriate and safe for kids? If so, away we go.

Step 2: Creating the First Draft of a New Plan

After choosing a plaything for development I follow my template with the these criteria: Intro, Inspiration, Parts overview, Patterns, Cut list, Project dimensions, Hardware & supplies, Suggested tools, Instructions with +/- 40 photos, and my Transferring Illustrations to your Stock article. There are many things going on at once here! My time is divided between the workbench, camera and computer as I move between building (and rebuilding) the project, shooting the techniques photos and writing plan steps.

Step 3: Refining Your New Toy Plans so They Can Be Shared

When the toy project is complete I edit the final images for the new wooden toy plan and for advertising on my website and my vendors' sites. A short video (under ten seconds) is shot for action toys. I review every word and image: what can be clarified for the builder? Thoughtful organization and a user-friendly presentation are professional tools that cannot be over-emphasized.

Step 4: Uploading the New Plans to the Website

My new wooden toy plan is converted to a .PDF document which reduces it's image-rich size to under 3 MB. Raw video footage is edited into a thirty-second presentation with titles, audio and credits. The package is uploaded to my website and other vendors (each of whom has specific requirements as to image size and more). Time to rest up for a few days, and begin another month's work!

To review our available woodworking plans visit our online store and learn to make handmade wooden toys that will become a treasured piece of family history. Also read more about how to use wooden toy plans yourself in your own shop.