Is Play Fun?

Not always. Sometimes- usually- play is hard work.

My brother Steve in our Chicago apartment backyard, ca. 1953. I'm not sure if he got hit by a buddy's snowball or is just having an attack of the crankies.

"People tend to forget that play is serious."  David Hockney


I was probably the one often in tears, but weren't we all?

The loader is an 18" Tonka toy No. 50 Steam Shovel, next to a truck that might be a Wyandotte, not sure. The loader cost a few bucks back then; there's an identical model going on the block on February 23rd, sale price estimated between $10. - $1000.

Note our wagon and sled in the background. I was about one year old at the time so was just happy to watch the snow fall from a window.

Play on!!