An elegant handmade pedal horse

A favorite of mine in the collection is this splendid riding horse, monumental in appearance at a modest height of just 23"!

Her condition is battered and bedraggled, but as with all successful designs that doesn't detract a bit from her exceptional charm. The carved initials and obvious repairs are reminders that this was once some child's well-used dream steed.


Pedal horse

Condition: faded glory, paint fractured, wear to all parts, crude repairs. After many decades this pony operates perfectly as my youngest shop visitors will attest!

Manufacture: shop-made, possibly from a magazine plan

Date of manufacture and provenance: unknown

Materials: softwoods, poplar (pedals), hardwood dowels, bent steel rod with flattened "keepers" for the pedals, metal brackets, screws, nails, tacks, cotton seat cloth, unknown seat stuffing, plastic electrical tape repairs at the rear hooves, unknown paints

Dimensions and construction: overall 23" H, 23" L. 1-1/4" T body, 1" T rear legs, fixed 3/4" dowel connecting head to pedaled front "legs" through 2-1/2" dia shaped "leg" shaft. Rear axle 1-1/2" dia x 11" L. Front wheel 8-1/2" dia by 3/4" T, rear wheels 5-1/8" dia x 3/4" T. Wheels are dished, probably store-bought or mail-ordered.