Build Your Own Handmade Wood Wagon

Everyone remembers a little red wagon rolling around the neighborhood, with kids piling on and off at stops along the way. From my Playful Plans online store and designed for craftsmen equipped with basic abilities and tools, here's my heirloom-quality handmade wooden toy plan for building the all-time greatest “pull toy!”

The Little Red Wagon project can be built in a weekend or two, depending on the tools you use and your technical experience. It’s large, rubber-tired wheels, sturdy construction and wrap-around back ensure a smooth, safe ride, and the bright colors really grab your kids’ attention! Classic style and modern construction come together in this unique handmade wood toy.

Why Handmade Wooden Toys are Special

When it comes to gifting children with playthings, handmade wood toys are at the top of the list. There’s simply no comparing the pleasure kids get from receiving your shop projects made just for them, with fragile plastic playthings from the big box stores. Because you made it, the project means so much more to them (and to you) than shopping for the latest gizmo. Wood toys tend to be simpler, encouraging physical, open-ended creative play rather than staring at a screen trying to get to “the next level.”

Your kids deserve the best and will really appreciate your time and effort in the workshop. Encourage them to become involved with your building plans, too- their natural curiosity draws them in, so offer them opportunities to help out. It may be the beginning of a life-long passion for woodcrafting!

A Timeless Classic Kids and Adults Love - The Little Red Wagon

The coaster wagons we think of are usually the metal ones such as the Radio Flyer, but wooden coaster wagons were popular long before metal wagons were ever produced. The history of handmade toy wagons is as old as that of wagon-making, with the earliest builders also constructing wheeled carts and wagons for children- not only for play, but for developing crucial life skills such as balance and control, and encouraging strengthening and endurance.

My Little Red Wagon is instantly-recognizable to adults who spent many happy hours with their own wagons as children. At Playful Plans I took the basic design of a classic coaster wagon and gave it a fresh look and solid mechanical construction to recreate a handmade wooden toy adults and kids can enjoy for generations. Build the Little Red Wagon for your youngsters and get ready for lots and lots of fun in the neighborhood.

Make other Handmade Wood Toys with Our Simple Woodworking Plans

The Little Red Wagon plan is just the beginning! You’ll find many more project plans on my online store: Each plan is unique to the market; unlike many woodworking plan websites, I create- I never copy. My inspiration comes from my own personal collection of hundreds of fine wooden toys, which encourage me to get creative at the workbench when designing a new plan. Please peruse my website and choose plans for handmade wooden toys that suit your own level of woodworking skills, from novice to advanced. And please send me photos and stories of your completed projects for my Blog, too!