Are Wooden Toys Still Popular?

Absolutely! In fact, they have never been MORE popular. With modern production techniques- and many amateur woodworkers who recall (and enjoy building) the toys they grew up with- the interest in handmade wooden pull toys is undergoing a modern renaissance. There are many plans available, but my plans are always unique to the market.

There is more to the World of Toys than Electronics and Computers

When you think about the value of a toy, consider the time-honored imaginative possibilities of simple wooden toys. Children are born to wonder- they have no innate clue about the difference between classic handmade toys and iPads- but we know that from an early age, it’s crucial that children play with toys that are open-ended as to motor development and hands-on manipulation. Staring at a screen and pressing buttons is fine, but there’s simply no substitute for durable, safe, handmade wooden pull toys that will inspire your kids to exercise their legs and minds at the same time.

The Beauty of Passing Down a Wooden Toy through the Generations

And who passes down their antique iPad to their children? The value here is in creating not only handmade enjoyment for your kids, but memories also. My Playful Plans are designed to make building wooden pull toys enjoyable, safe and durable for youngsters- and to be passed down to  their own kids, too. Every plan includes detailed step-by-step instructions, materials and tools lists, photos and a whole lot more. Have a look at my website and see how my unique plans compare to the “cookie-cutter” plans everywhere else online… and while you’re there, enjoy a free plan posted regularly too!

Encourage Children to Learn Woodworking and Make their own Pull Toys

Young people not only love handmade wooden pull toys- they love building them! Woodworking involves all of our senses, and children are especially adept at learning the skills, patience and appreciation of the process that turns basic materials into beautiful keepsake toys.

I’ve spent many happy hours instructing kids on woodworking basics. My popular book The All-New Woodworking for Kids offers a friendly hands-on course for kids (and their adult helpers) who are just starting out on a hobby that can become a life-long passion. Chapters on safety, basic tools and materials, and five easy workshop projects begin the journey, with many pull toy and other project plans following!

Check my book out!

Check Out Plans for Wooden Pull Toys from Playful Plans

Here are three unique, vintage-inspired wooden pull toys you can download from my website! They’re easy to build using scrap sections of wood from your shop and will captivate your younger kids. Child safe construction and finishes make them perfect for youngsters who are still exploring their environment with their teeth!

My classic four-wheeled Ramblin’ Rabbit has a pair of carrots for the road- and articulated parts that your kids can position themselves. A beautiful handmade heirloom for any family, my own Ramblin’ Rabbit still rolls merrily along after building it for my daughter twenty years ago!





The Turtle Dove wooden pull toy project pairs a colorful dove with a happy turtle riding on top. Designed for toddlers, these two best friends will soon be your young child's as well.




Fred Flounder’s wobbly swimming motion (caused by eccentrically bored wheels) will really tickle your kids! Towed along behind them, he wiggles across the floor straight into their hearts.