February 2013

An elegant handmade pedal horse

A favorite of mine in the collection is this splendid riding horse, monumental in appearance at a modest height of just 23"!

Her condition is battered and bedraggled, but as with all successful designs that doesn't detract a bit from her exceptional charm. The carved initials and obvious repairs are reminders that this was once some child's well-used dream steed.


Pedal horse

The REAL Lincoln Logs

First marketed in 1918, John Lloyd Wright’s Lincoln Logs remain one of the most iconic (and copied) building toys in history. From the collection, here’s the real thing from- yes- Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, John.

A bit of background. John Lloyd Wright, Frank’s second son (b. 1892) achieved his own measure of architectural success in spite of his father’s domineering interference.

Is Play Fun?

Not always. Sometimes- usually- play is hard work.

My brother Steve in our Chicago apartment backyard, ca. 1953. I'm not sure if he got hit by a buddy's snowball or is just having an attack of the crankies.

"People tend to forget that play is serious."  David Hockney


Journal: The Toy Tinkers of Evanston

Classic American wooden toy manufacturers from the early 20th century can essentially be counted on two hands. Okay, three or four.

But just one of them introduced a new product in New York City at The American Toy Fair in 1914 which flopped- and within a year, sold over one million units of the new Tinkertoys.

Image courtesy Richard Mueller, Jr. http://www.antiquetoycollections.info/

Monday Classic: A Plakie Toy

Plakie Toys (Youngstown, OH '40's-50's) included Jumbo the Elephant in several color schemes, including bright yellow! Here's my red example from the collection- a real charmer.